EVORA fragrances are Eau de Parfum available exclusively as a perfume oil content of 16% and cost between € 21 and € 27
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frisch - citrisch - kühl

Here you can find the sporty fragrances. These are light, fresh, cool, green and invigorating, sometimes...

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moosig - holzig

The perfume of this fragrance family make an elegant, precious impression and recall tobacco and leather...

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moosig - holzig - spritzig

Here you will find the fresher version of the mossy-woody scents. They emphasize the naturalness with a...

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orientalisch - aromatisch

Oriental fragrances are sweet heavy and often seductive perfumes. They are exciting, mysterious and memorable.

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orientalisch - sinnlich

Hot seductive erotic fragrances belong to this fragrance family. They stick very long and bring the animal...

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